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22 Shirts for Allison


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21 shirts in heather gray - design colors noted below.
names are just organizational

Extra Small (10)
- Lorilee: "Donuts Go Straight to my Muscles" (white design)
- Heather: "Do it for the Booty" (white design)
- Katie S: "Super Cali Swagalistic Sexy Hella Dopeness" (black design)
- Lindsey: "DTF - Down to Fiesta" (white design)
- Kimmie: "I'm Not a Rapper I Just Cuss a Lot" (black design)
- Megan: "My Diet Starts Tomorrow" (black design)
- Erin: "After This We're Getting Tacos" (black design)
- Ashley: "Cheat Day is Coming" (black design)
- Maggie D: "Whiskey Made Me Do It" (black design)
- Mom: "Don't Feed the Winos" (black design)

Small (8)
- Shlee: "Abracadabra. Nope. I'm Still Hungover" (white design)
- Christie: "Kinda Sweet Lotta Savage" (white design)
- Melissa: "Hakuna Moscato - It Means Drink Wine" (white design)
- Jackie: "Hooray Football - Pass the Thing and Do the Touchdown" (black design)
- Aimee: "My Life is a Series of Awkward Moments Separated by Cute Animal Videos" (black design)
- Katie H: "Sorry I Can't - I'm an Indoor Cat" (white design)
- Maggie T: "Shake Your Maracas" ( white design)
- Devon: "V is for Vodka Valentine" (white design)

Medium (2)
- Brooke: "On a Juice Cleanse #mimosas" (black design)
- Sara: "I Still Don't Understand What a Wine Stopper is for" (white design)

Large (1)
- Shovahn: "Love Me Despacito" (white design)

1 extra Small WHITE shirt with gold glitter design
- Allison: "Save Water Drink Champagne"